The Winduk Story

My name is Matt Baalman and I duck hunt near Batchtown, IL. It is a public hunting area along the Mississippi River. I\\\'ve talked to several duck hunters around this area and also some from all over the United States. Most of these hunters said that the motorized spinning wing decoys are very effective. All of these hunters also said that the motorized spinning wing decoys are a pain-in-the-butt to use for several reasons.

The list goes on and on....

To solve these problems we came up with a decoy which has none of the problems listed above. It is the "WINDUK". It is a spinning wing decoy which is wind driven. It has precision bearings and the wings are specially bent to catch even the slightest breeze. It is also made with a silhouette body which works as a weather vane to keep the decoy facing into the wind at all times.

We used this decoy during the 2000 duck season. Out of the 60 days hunting, the WINDUK worked 52 days.

The WINDUK needs a 5MPH wind or more to spin effectively, but think about it, how many good duck days can you remember when there was no wind? I know I haven\\\'t had many and I\\\'ll bet you haven\\\'t either. In the fall you almost always have some kind of wind, so why not give the WINDUK a try? I believe you will be impressed.

The WINDUK decoy is very effective, in fact, nearly everyone who used WINDUK liked it better than the motorized models, because it is easy to use and has nothing mechanical to go wrong. If you think you do not need a WINDUK because you already have a motorized model, you\\\'re thinking wrong. The WINDUK is priced low enough that you can buy one or more to work with your motorized decoy.

Last year we had as many as 12 WINDUKS out at one time and believe me, more is better.

We\\\'ve found that if you want ducks in your face, put one or two WINDUKS where you want to do your shooting, then put 3 or 4 WINDUKS up wind from your blind about 30 yards. The ducks will see the flashing wings and cannot resist this setup.

WINDUK is very simple to use. There are no belts or batteries to worry about.


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